Designing "False Alarm" Drongo T-Shirt

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With every Ages Apparel design I like to approach it with a completely fresh mind, inspired by my current influences and inspirations. So my art style adapts and changes to our range meaning we have a variety of styles to appeal to a broader audience.

For my latest t-shirt design I was dry of inspiration when it came to sketching ideas on pen and paper. So when in doubt I watch David Attenborough's 'Africa' to get my mind in the right place for some wildlife artwork.

Very quickly, I started taking notes of the animals that caught my attention such as the Leopard, Meerkats & the Drongo.

False Alarm 1.jpg

I quickly decided I really wanted to use the African Drongo as I've had very little experience drawing birds to this point, they also have great character with their tricks; using a fake call alarming the Meerkats that there is an eagle circling above forcing them to abandon their food for the cunning Drongo to take.

This is the clip that sparked my imagination.

Straight away I thought of the name "False Alarm", so from that I started expanding on that as a subject and figuring out a new design.

Very quickly I scrapped having a False Alarm on the actual design, but wanted to keep it as the name as an inside nod to the origins of the early design. As an artist, I learnt very quickly that I had no idea how to draw feathers still attached to the bird. So I started experimenting with styles that can substitute feathers for a texture that is complementing the movement of flight. I often like to use line work as a go to in a lot of my work and build the designs up like a scaffolding until it pops visually.

False Alarm 2.jpg

Once I had the Drongo art finished I felt I was somewhere close the design. So now the next task is making the design fit on a T-shirt in a complimenting way using symmetry and composition with some additional design; such as Ages Apparel branding, shapes, African themed items or positive message.

For most of the final touches I used dot work "stippling" to add the Spears, Africa & the arrow shapes closing in the top and bottom.

And Whalla! We have a brand new Ages Apparel T-shirt Design.

False Alarm 3.jpg

Our new Drongo T-shirt "False Alarm" is available this Friday 14th April from our Ages Apparel store!

Thank you for your time allowing me to walk you through my process for this new design.




George Okoye

Ages Apparel