Rhinos Without Borders


Poaching in some regions of Africa is alarmingly high. Many people hunt rhinos for their horn or as a trophy. But as rhino number dwindle, their very existence is threatened.

Luckily there are people out there to help...

Introducing Rhinos Without Borders:


Rhinos Without Borders is a project of hope in which two like-minded conservation and travel companies, andBeyond and Great Plains Conservation, have joined forces in the fight against poaching to translocate 100 rhino from South Africa to the safe haven of Botswana. The aim is to create a viable breeding population of rhino in Botswana, thus broadening the gene pool and increasing the habitat for rhino in Africa, in this way spreading the risk.

Botswana currently has one of the lowest poaching rates in Africa where the country’s conservation officials are supported by an official anti-poaching unit, with a shoot to kill policy and political will from the top to help save rhinos.

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This journey from South Africa to Botswana comes at a great financial cost so they depend on your donations to save these rhinos.

If you want to donate or learn more visit http://www.rhinoswithoutborders.com/




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