Charity In Action - Iffat Update

Back in January our friend Julie told us about a cause she was trying to raise money for and we offered to help. The money was being raised for a young girl called Iffat (Iffie), who's leg was in a bad way and unfortunately needed an amputation and prosthetic leg to live as normal a life as possible and to be without constant pain...


Here is the full story from our friend Julie:

"Whilst volunteering in Cape Coast, Ghana last year I met (then) 5 year old Iffie. She was born with a defect to her left lower leg. She lives with constant pain in her leg and receives no medication to help her live with this condition. She cannot weight bear on the leg and has to hop around to mobilise. This is resulting in damage to the ankle, knee and hip joints in her good leg. She will eventually lose all mobility and in the absence of any wheelchair or aids in this country she will be housebound. She is unable to attend state school as she cannot walk and is missing out completely on her education. She is socially isolated due to her difficulties and is becoming quite withdrawn in general.
In Ghana, if you cannot work - you cannot earn and cannot eat. The future is not looking bright for this young girl. I have funded initial consultations and tests and was initially informed by her Orthopaedic Surgeons that she will need a series of operations to correct the leg. However a year on the skin is now so broken down and the leg so damaged that it is no longer salvagable. She now needs the lower leg to be amputated. Amputation will save her and give her the best chance of being pain free and then hopefully. walking with a prosthetic limb. My father and I have already raised just under £1000 but I need to raise a further £1000 to meet the cost of amputation. Any help anyone can offer will be gratefully accepted."

We shared her story on our Facebook page as well as donating ourselves and everyone together raised £1187 for young Iffat's surgery!


It's taken a while to arrange, but through your kindness and generosity she has had the operation and is now in the process of healing before she can start the rehabilitation and learn to walk with a prosthetic.


We apologise if you found the photo distressing, but this is what was needed to ensure a future for Iffat. Without your donations this couldn't be possible, so thank you so much for your generosity!

For inspiration on how you can live after a procedure as drastic as an amputation just look towards Jack Eyers.

 Following an issue with his leg, he needed an amputation. Despite this he has gone on to achieve great things and help others going through struggles of their own. He has gone on to do professional modelling, film work, personal training, appear on the physically demanding Ninja Warrior tv show, compete in pageants and hold the title of Mr England!


"When I was 16, I had elective surgery to amputate my leg above the knee because of a condition in my leg that became progressively worse. Before my amputation I considered myself as disabled and restricted by my condition.

However, since my amputation my so-called ‘disability’ has actually opened many doors and I proudly take every opportunity that comes my way to prove that my loss of limb doesn’t hold me back in any way.

I have a theory that when you have an amputation (or any life-changing operation) you are reborn. Like a child, you need to start from scratch; learning how to walk, balance and face the world with confidence. The best way to practice this and develop your motor skills is through challenging your perceived ‘comfort zone’ using exercise and sport." - Jack Eyers

Thank you again for helping Julie raise this money for Iffie, we'll have another update when we learn more!




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