Working Towards Sustainability

It has been well documented recently that plastic pollution is a massive problem in recent times. Single use plastics are everywhere and most ends up in landfill or even worse scattered around where it doesn't belong.

We've seen the effects of thoughtless littering first hand when we were on holiday in Thailand visiting a small island off of Phuket. This island had many stalls on it selling food and drinks to tourists with no responsibility of where all the packaging will end up. It seems much of it ended up in the sea as countless plastic bottles and food packaging is floating in the nearby waters and washed up on the beach. It was such a shame to see such a beautiful area get ruined by man made intervention.

'waste doesn't just look bad, it hurts wildlife too'

The issue is much bigger than this though, with currents picking up waste and spreading it across what once were untouched, beautiful beaches. The waste doesn't just look bad, it hurts wildlife too with animals getting caught in discarded fishing nets, animals accidentally eating and inhaling plastics and much more.


It doesn't make sense working to save wildlife while also creating lots of waste that could harm them in the future.


Because of this we are very conscious about our impact to the environment. We use plastics to store our clothes, keeping them in prime condition for our customers, but we have made an effort to make as little impact to the environment as possible...

The t-shirt bags we use are re-sealable, meaning you can re-use them for whatever you wish and they don't need to go straight in the bin. At events we encourage customers to use their own bags or we give bags made from recycled paper instead of the plastic. Just by doing this we have saved hundreds of plastic bags potentially going into landfill and we're really proud about that! Our organic products are also Earth Positive certified which means they are made using clean renewable energy which is great for the environment too.


But we'd love to do more! If you know of any other ways we can help the environment with Ages Apparel please let us know, we'd love to hear from you :)

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