Authentic African Goods

You may have noticed a trend in our store recently, and that is the emergence of our Authentic African Goods.

This started with a chance encounter with someone wearing a lovely African cloth backpack at the Bournemouth Air Festival last year. We stopped her, asked about the backpack it and it just so happened that this bag was from Ghana and that her friend travels regularly to Cape Coast in Ghana to help at Aboom School For Special Needs and brought it back with her.

At Aboom School For Special Needs they educate children who have various degrees of learning difficulties. They need to generate a lot of their own income and part of this comes from the incredible items they create...

Volunteers helping students create the bags at Aboom School.

Volunteers helping students create the bags at Aboom School.

With the help of volunteers the students learn how to sew and make beautiful colourful bags of all shapes and sizes. When they sell these bags the proceeds go directly into maintaining the school and funding their education!

We are proud to support this cause and have many bags made by Aboom School in our Authentic African Goods range. If you're unsure just look at the product description and it will tell you where each product was made :)

Musician Teephlow donating items to Aboom School For Special Needs in his hometown Cape Coast, a day after he was crowned ”Best Rapper of the Year” at the Central Music Awards 2017.

Adding to this we have started supporting independent makers and sellers in Africa too. Our newest range of Authentic African backpacks, bumbags and artwork are straight from the streets of Ghana from our friend Kobina. We are happy to support small family businesses where we can and in this case we are happy to support Kobina, especially as his bags are awesome!

We encourage you to come and see these bags for yourself if we are at an event near you or you can buy online in our Authentic African Goods store!

Thank you for your continued support :)