Thank You For An Amazing Year!


Thank You For An

Amazing Year

Another year has passed and we are still here. In fact we have grown! Producing more and increasing our range to include so much more than we had before including our snazzy Africa, Dik-Dik & Imire rhino tees, cheetah caps and bags, stone bracelets, our Organic Zipped Hoodies, kids hoodies, not to mention a whole host of new Authentic African goods direct from our friends in the Cape Coast in Ghana.

As always we’ve brought Ages Apparel on the road to many different places in the community including the Bournemouth Air Festival, Teddy Rocks, RNLI college, Bournemouth Uni and the Bournemouth Arts Uni, the Metropole market, Arts By The Sea, Africa Comes To Bournemouth and many others! If you’d like us at your event this year get in touch!

We’ve met lots of new people at various shows and events, raised money for African wildlife conservation, made contacts with African wildlife conservationists and got together to produce a t-shirt that directly supports Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation. We’re really happy that the wildlife conservation community in Africa has taken to our ethos and products, and we hope to make more friends in the future.


We gained new tribe members who shared their photos of their Ages Apparel from around the world, and we are so thankful for that! Your love is what makes Ages Apparel what it is and without you we are nothing, so thank you so much to all our customers and supporters. That includes a special thank you to those who have come back multiple times and spread the word to their friends and family (I’m looking at you Grant)! Thank you to our featured tribe members too, Sam Bird came agonisingly close to securing a Formula E title but just missed out on the last race, Tom Newton and his team raised an incredible total of over £250,000 for children’s cancer charity Teddy 20 via Teddy Rocks festival (we recommend going and supporting if you can), Jack Eyers recently featured on BBC3’s Amazing Humans and also stared in Gym Shark’s latest campaign and Tom Way has continued to produce stunning images of wildlife from Africa and around the world. And thank you to Lewis Blackburn for taking so many awesome photos of your Apparel when out and about with your camera and drone, you’re a legend! Check these guys out if you get the chance!

Our @african.inspired instagram page has grown in a massive way! We now have over 22,000 followers which is way more than we anticipated! A thank you to all those whose photographs featured and we will be featuring much more in the future! Check out our photos of the month feature to see the best photos from African Inspired every month in our online Magazine.

So thank you all for joining us on this journey and we look forward to where we will go next!