A Visit To Imire

As you may know we have started supporting Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation in Zimbabwe after meeting Sam, one of the volunteers who works there (see previous article). It’s fantastic to support such an amazing cause and see where the donations are going directly.

From this point forward, £1 from all t-shirt sales will be donated to Imire with much more to come in the future!

Since our support we’ve been in contact with multiple people who have visited Imire and they all sing their praises, from the hospitality shown, to the animals and local community work, Imire gets A+ from everyone we’ve spoken to which is wonderful to hear! One such person is Erika DelToro, who has shared her incredible experience in her online blog as well as sharing wonderful photos on her Instagram.

Her story really encapsulates what Imire is about and if you weren’t inspired to go before, you will be after this!