7 Businesses That Give Back


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One of the proudest things I feel when running a business is when I give something back via charity. There are many other businesses out there who do the same, but here are some companies who do things a little differently and some that have given whopping amounts!

1. Toms

Toms Shoes

You may have seen Toms and Tom style shoes around as they are pretty popular. But if you buy a pair of genuine Toms they will give a pair of new shoes to a child who needs them!

They will also help a mother in need give birth for every bag sold and if you buy glasses they will provide a person in need with a full eye exam by trained medical professionals. Each patient then receives the treatment he or she needs!

It doesn't end there; they also give a week's supply of water to a person in need per bag of their coffee sold!

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2. Stella Artois

In 2015 Stella Artois helped Water.org provide more than 290,000 people in the developing world with 5 years of clean water! They sold special limited edition chalices with all proceeds going to Water.org. This year they are doing it again with every chalice giving 1 person clean drinking water for 5 years!

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3. Figs


Figs sell scrubs. You know, the clothes doctors and nurses wear in hospitals (hence the name of the popular US tv show).

Well, for every set of scrubs sold they donate a set to a healthcare provider in need. Clean scrubs and basic medical supplies can reduce hospital infection rates by 66% so it's a great thing to do.

Figs have donated over 75,000 sets of scrubs in 26 countries around the world already!

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4. Better World Books

Better World Books


Better world books are an American book company who also give back. They donate a book to someone in need for every book purchased from them. They also do lots of work for charity on top of this and have donated over 18 million books and raised over 22 million dollars to help literacy and libraries!

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5. Microsoft


Microsoft’s campus hosts charity events throughout the year with more than 200 activities during October, including a 5K Run, an online auction, and other special events.

Last year, Microsoft employees raised $125 million for nearly 20,000 global non-profit charities and schools!

The company also does lots of work supporting humanitarian relief and disaster management as well as building technologies that are accessible to everyone.

The company's founder (Bill Gates) also has his own charity (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) which helps people in need in a wide variety of ways around the world. He has given millions of dollars back to communities and people in need.

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6. Google


Google gives lots of money to charity, more than you may realise. In 2012 alone Google gave away 1 billion dollars in products and $144,606,000 cash which is 9.3% of their pre-tax profits from 2011! Google are still committed to giving $100,000,000 in grants, 80,000 man hours and 1 billion dollars of products to charitable causes every year!

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7. Kenco


For young Hondurans, gangs are a constant threat. Joining one may seem like the only option for survival. But at Kenco they are giving some of these people a chance in life by training them to be coffee farmers and starting a life which doesn't involve crime. Last year Kenco trained 20 young people who have recently graduated and are starting their own farms. This year a fresh class are doing the same thanks to Kenco's funding.


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