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It's really great when people get together to solve issues around the world. Especially when they're issues that they can't see or sense first hand.

I though I'd bring your attention to this video by the ever popular YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat. Here he documents a group of people in the public eye (led by Jerome Jarre) using their influence and fame for good.

In this instance they are helping the people of East Africa who are dying of famine on a daily basis; which is a massive issue which had near to no media coverage in the USA and here in the UK. They raise awareness using their massive followings, personally negotiate with Turkish Airlines to use their planes to deliver humanitarian aid and aimed to raise $1,000,000 to fund this aid.

So far they have smashed this target in raising over $2,000,000 and look to be really successful in making a positive change for those who need it.

Watch the video below for their story:

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