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I wrote a piece a while ago about businesses that give back and due to it's success I've decided to do another!

These brands are special in that they give back to those who need it as part of what they do. Some do it by donating money to good causes and some in other creative ways!

1. Elephant Branded

Elephant Branded1.jpg

Elephant Branded make awesome ethical products such as bags and laptop cases out of up-cycled cement and rice sacks. Not only are they giving a new lease of life into these items they also give back to the communities that make them; by teaching them valuable skills while earning a fair wage to help them have a sustainable, effective way to get out of poverty. But that's not all! With every bag Elephant Branded sell they also give a school kit to children in Africa or Asia!

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2. Creations 4 Wildlife

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Creations 4 Wildlife was founded by Dylan (then aged 12) and his mother Michelle. Driven by a love for wildlife and a passion to keep the iconic animals of our world alive they created Creations 4 Wildlife. They hand make beautiful bracelets themed on different animals with 40% of each bracelet sale going to specially selected wildlife conservation organizations.

Since their launch they have increased their range to include multiple designs and have raised over $10,000 for wildlife conservation causes which we think is amazing for a school kid and his mum! Keep it up guys!

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3. Panda


Panda make original bamboo sunglasses and watches. Not only are they made from high quality eco-friendly woods, they come with a lifetime warranty and they also give back by helping people in need get eye exams and the prescription glasses they need to live normal lives. The donations they make also go towards training opticians, building optometry schools and developing infrastructure such as vision centres to ensure a long term eyesight solution.

4. Sevenly

Sevenly was founded in 2011 with the mission of leading a generation toward generosity. Based on a simple, core belief that ‘People Matter,’ the Sevenly team invite customers to purchase art, apparel and accessories that help non-profit charity organisations. Now widely recognized as one of the world's leading 'social good' companies, Sevenly launch campaigns and sell clothing created to change lives by raising funding, awareness and followers for the world’s greatest causes.

To this date, Sevenly have given over $4,500,000 to charitable causes!

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5. Rhino Horn Coffee


Rhino Horn Coffee not only produces high quality, ethical coffee, they also support a great cause...

100% of their profits go directly to IAPF Rangers fighting the war on Rhino poaching in Southern Africa. Poaching is a massive problem in Southern Africa with rhinos being killed at an alarming rate. These rangers are on the front line everyday trying to stop this happening. Rhino Horn Coffee's aim is to sell enough coffee and raise enough funds to purchase good quality boots for rangers to successfully carry out their patrolling duties. We love rhinos so we fully support their mission!

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6. Welzoo


We came across Welzoo by chance a little while ago and never looked back. The concept is ingenious. You change your homepage to and for every time you visit the site they donate 1 cent to a charity of your choice. Your homepage can be customized to your preference, so for minimal inconvenience and effort you can give with Welzoo every day! So far we've donated $3.65 to The African Wildlife Foundation and overall Welzoo have donated over $145,000 to various good causes which is pretty good going!

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7. Ecosia


Ecosia is a search engine with a difference. At first it seems like a normal search engine. Pop your search in the search bar and it's done. The difference is here is where their revenue goes. Every time you perform a search it generates ads, the income from these ads goes towards planting trees! So far they've planted over 6.8 million trees which I think you'll agree is rather impressive! See the info graphic below:


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