Successful Businesses From The Bournemouth Area


You don't have to be based in London to make it big in the UK.

As a Bournemouth based brand, it's great to see others representing our seaside town and putting us on the map!

Here are 5 businesses you may or may not know are actually from Bournemouth (I'm sure you knew #5 already)!

1. Jimmy's Iced Coffee

You know the ones, the funky little iced coffees you see in the fridges next to the cola and sandwiches... well they're from here!

Jimmy went travelling around Australia and got a taste for iced coffee. His sister already ran a really successful coffee shop and with his passion and her expertise they concocted the drink you know today!

Although they operate from Christchurch they sold their first coffee in Selfridges in 2011 and are now selling in Waitrose, Sainsbury's and you can even get it as part of your £3 lunch deal at Tesco!

2. Lush

Lush (as we know it) started in 1995 using fresh fruit combined with soaps to make unique fresh products.

They opened their first store in Poole called 'Cosmetic House' but were not happy with the name. They ran a competition to rebrand the company and Elizabeth Bennett from Glasgow came up with 'LUSH', which is defined as being fresh, green and verdant which suits the brand just fine!

From this point they have quickly expanded and in fact there are now over 650 stores in 40 countries employing about 6000 staff!

lush soap.jpg

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3. Koh Thai

I love Koh Thai, in fact I was there last night!

Koh Thai started as a small restaurant in Boscombe crescent in 2009 with the aim to emphasise informality, with what they call a “complete dining experience” combining service, food and atmosphere. The owners had to work hard running the restaurant and serving customers themselves on a bare bones budget but as the quality of what they were doing shined through they were able to hire staff and eventually expand.

Now Koh Thai has 13 restaurants many more to come I'm sure!


4. Shakeaway

This well known milkshake company first opened it's doors in Bournemouth in 1999. With a unique selection of flavours (dime bar and malt is my fave) made with real dairy ice cream they were on to a winner and grew quickly with stores opening in Southampton, Brighton and Bath soon after.

They have now gone worldwide so you can pick up a Shakeaway anywhere from California to Bahrain!

shakeaway (1).jpg

5. AFC Bournemouth


AFC Bournemouth were founded in 1890 and were known as Boscombe St. John's Institute FC, since then they had a few name changes settling with AFC Bournemouth in 1972.

Bournemouth have played football in most of the professional domestic leagues in recent times but found great success in recent years with promotion to the Premier League for the 2015/16 season.

With victories over giants such as Manchester United and Chelsea in their maiden season and consistent performances keeping them in the division let's hope they can stay competing at the top level representing our town and bringing the Bournemouth name to the world for years to come!


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