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In our recent visit to Thailand we met many interesting people, one such person was a charming Swedish gentleman called Kenneth who has created the brand 'Monsoon Tea'; who create fantastic sustainable Thai teas and food dishes inspired by the humble tea leaf.

As Brits we might think we know a thing or two about tea, but whereas we will often just go for a few different varieties with or without milk others are creating whole hosts of new products and tea based experiences. At Monsoon Tea we discovered so many different varieties of tea, all sourced and produced locally in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They serve these teas hot or cold in many different varieties and flavours (I personally took home a coconut green tea).


The key difference about Monsoon Tea is that unlike most other tea manufacturers their tea is sustainable and kind to the environment. Instead of planting massive tea plantations decimating the forest in the process, Kenneth and his team go to the trees and hand pick from the wild tree. This reduces deforestation and helps protect the local wildlife which need the trees and the natural environment to survive.

One more thing we loved about Monsoon Tea is that they cooked traditional Thai dishes using tea as an ingredient, and I must say the results are remarkable! I personally had their Thai green curry and it was the best I've ever tasted, with a richness I haven't tasted in that dish before!

So if you're ever in Chiang Mai and looking for a place to chill out, enjoy fine food and talk to a friendly owner we highly recommend a visit to Monsoon Tea.

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