Thank You For Having Us!


We've been on tour the last couple of weeks and had a great time doing it!

We've met loads of new people and shown Ages Apparel to those who know and love us alongside a whole new audience!

First off we attended Zest 4 Life; a show promoting physical and mental well being held in the Littledown Centre in Bournemouth.

There were plenty of inspirational talks and great people offering help and services to all who came. We were there to show our apparel and talk about the causes we support.

Thank you for having us!

Thank you for having us!

Taste Of The South.jpg

Then, a week later we attended our first food festival!

Why, you ask??? Well... people love food, and so do we!

We didn't go hungry, that's for sure, with multiple stand selling everything from vegan meals, burgers, German sausages, Caribbean, coffee, beer and lots of fudge to name a few!

We braved the typical Spring four seasons in a day style weather and came out the other side in a positive mood due to some Sunday sunshine, a hint of sunburn and the lovely people we met including: The Punch GirlWild SpritzBad Boys BiltongGreekook, Bubble & Squeak and Emily's Fudge Kitchen.

Here's some snapshots of Taste Of The South for your viewing enjoyment:




Ross Okoye

Ages Apparel

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