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Meet Jack

Mr England 2017 & Team GB Para-Athlete

Our Tribe is full of talent. Our followers include amazing photographers, racing drivers, musicians, professional athletes and inspirational figures. One such inspirational figure is Jack Eyers.

When Jack was 16, he had elective surgery to amputate his leg above the knee because of a condition in his leg that became progressively worse. Before the amputation Jack considered himself as disabled and restricted by his condition.

However, since the amputation Jack’s so-called ‘disability’ has actually opened many doors and he proudly takes every opportunity that comes his way to prove that the loss of his limb doesn’t hold him back in any way.


After the amputation Jack has gone on to achieve so many things, including professional modelling, film work, personal training, appearing on the Ninja Warrior TV show, be selected to represent GB in the para-canoe world championships, compete in pageants and hold the title of Mr England! We’re really proud to have Jack as a member of our tribe.

Jack recently featured in BBC3’s Amazing Humans.

Check it out below!

Jack Eyers was 16 when he chose to have his leg amputated. In 2017 he went on to win the 'Mr England' title. As a para canoeist he has ambitions to join Team GB at the 2020 Paralympics, and is training hard.
Photo by Zsuzsanna Vekassy

Photo by Zsuzsanna Vekassy

We’re so happy that Jack has embraced Ages Apparel, he regularly wears his Africa Snapback, Savanna tee and Signature hoodie! Tag us in your photos wearing your Ages Apparel and you could feature on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, appear on our #agesapparel page and could even win a tee!

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