The Tribe Has Talent! - Lewis Blackburn Photography


Meet Lewis

Landscape photographer and videographer

Our Tribe is full of talent. Our followers include professional athletes, racing drivers, musicians and some amazing photographers. One such photographer is Lewis Blackburn.

Taking the local environment as his inspiration, Lewis has created some incredible images using a combination of drone photography & more traditional techniques.

The South coast of Dorset has been Lewis’ main subject but he also photographs at weddings, festivals, sporting events, the far east and Australia; where he is about to jet off to again very soon!

Lewis doesn’t just do photos, he is also a highly accomplished videographer!

To get an idea of what Lewis is all about, watch this video.

Trust us, it’s good!


“Putting 2 months of life into 3 minutes wasn't easy but it gives you an idea of what you can do in these places. Buying the mavic was the best decision before travelling as you can see in the edit. It gives you a view that others cant see.” - Lewis


Some more images from Lewis Blackburn Photography:

Before he leaves for Australia, Lewis has left us with this amazing video shot in the South coast whilst wearing his Ages Apparel!



Follow Lewis:

We’re so happy that Lewis has embraced Ages Apparel, and as you can see he takes it out everywhere with him!

These photos feature our Organic Signature Hoodie in navy, Organic Signature Tee in grey and the Pullover Signature Hoodie in charcoal.