Ross Was On Tipping Point!


Did you watch ITV's Tipping Point on Tuesday?

If so, you may have seen me (Ross) testing my general knowledge and luck against the giant penny pusher machine!


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Before the show I arrived at the Studios in London after a hassle free train journey where I meet the other contestants. After the production crew selected our outfits (including a lovely Ages Apparel bracelet but unfortunately no Ages Apparel tee) and we had a lovely lunch, a little make-up and then onto set. We met the host Ben and were shown how the game works, tested our buzzers and then we were ready to begin!


In the first round questions are asked and we all can buzz in to get control of the counters that are dropped into the giant penny pushing machine. We can make a drop ourselves, or if we feel the machine isn't going to pay out we could pass to someone else to hopefully waste their counter (you only get 3 counters). After a fairly slow start I got a spree of quick correct answers, passing drops to other players where I didn't see the machine paying out. A tactic which although controversial actually worked very well! After a scare with a counter that almost didn't drop I got the counters I needed and was safely through to the next round with the second highest score.


In the second round we had 1 minute to answer as many questions as possible and for every question we get correctly we are given a counter to drop into the machine. Kevan went first and got a massive 6 counters of which he used to get very high score. Then I had the option to go next, but as a gentleman I offered Eva to go first which also meant I had a target to hit for my go. Eva got an average score of 3 but with her final drop she got a huge payout which would be tough to catch. At this point the pressure was on, I knew I had to get a big score but after the questions I ended with just 3 like Eva before me. I dropped the counters but the machine didn't pay out enough to keep me in the game. One more counter to drop and it could well have been a different story (if only I'd heard the first question correctly and answered DAVINA MCCALL!!!).


That was it for me, I said thank you and left to watch from the sidelines.


After this Eva defeated Kevan in the head to head and won a cool £2400 in the final!

Did I Do Well?

could you have done better?

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